Manufacturing Update 8

Main details

  • All going as scheduled


Hello Backers,

just wanted to release a quick update on Nereide GMT’s production and shipping.

All is going as scheduled. Our suppliers have just confirmed their timeline, we’ll receive the full batch of components during the first half of next week. After that, we will check every piece one by one to make sure that each component respects our standards.

We visited our partners in Switzerland last week, they are ready to start the assembling process.

In order to speed up the delivery process, we asked them to ship us the watches in small batches, day by day. By doing so we can start the shipping process even before the end of the whole assembling process.

We are 100% committed to shipping the watches to you in the quickest time possible.

As you can see, we work in order to cut the timeline in the best way possible.
We hope you will you’ll appreciate our efforts.

Thanks again for your support guys, we are sure your patience will worth the wait.