Manufacturing Update 10

Main details

  • Swiss Made movements
  • Assembling process
  • Delivery date



Here’s an update concerning the production steps of Nereide GMT.

As we told you previously, the assembling process started last week, the first batch of watches was ready last Tuesday and moved on to the QC stage.

Unfortunately, to our surprise, the overall quality failed to meet our expectations due to inaccuracy issues. During these months, we have been searching a quite big stock of ETA movements as the participation in the project was extraordinary and we needed a great number of movements with the same quality standards, decorations, and finishes.

We have been  in contact with several movement dealers since we started the campaign and we were surprised when we noticed that a great number of our Nereide GMT with ETA movement provided by our dealer, showed an unexpected inaccuracy.

Being aware of ETA’s high quality and great manufacturing standards we asked for information to our production partners in order to have a better understanding: according to them, some stocks available  in unofficial dealers’ warehouses can be composed of old movements, which may have been produced even several years ago. Therefore, some movements may not have been subjected to regular maintenance, oiling, and regulation.
For this reason, we had to find a top-level solution in order to guarantee the same quality standard shown and advertised during the campaign. Luckily, our Swiss production partners came up with a great solution. Our Swiss partners have been Sellita buyers for a long time and they are used to working with them.

In no time, they managed to provide us with all the movements we need meeting the quality requirements (Same golden custom rotor, Perlage, and Cotes de Geneve finishes, Elaboré grade). While all the stocks supplied by dealers we  contacted initially were mainly composed of old movements, these Sellita movements are supplied by Sellita itself and all of them have been  produced in 2019. Using Sellita movements will cost us approximately 20% more, but the final result is definitely worth the way. However, we are more than happy to do this in order to deliver the quality promised.

Finally, we can arrange a schedule for deliveries, based on solid and accurate feedback from our suppliers:

– All new Sellita movements arrived last Monday, the customization of the rotors will be made in 5 days

– The assembling of the movements on the head of the watch is starting today

– We’ll receive Nereide GMT watches in Italy by Tuesday 16,then we will check all watches one by one

– Shipping will start on Wednesday 17


We have received the Oyster bracelets, this reward was something not planned. Therefore we didn’t produce prototypes (as we did for the Jubilee). All the Oyster bracelets we received did not meet our expectations as the finish is not well executed and the matching end links do not fit our case properly. For this reason, we decided to give you a complimentary additional leather strap made in Italy that matches your watch selection (we have black and brown straps, if your watch has a brown strap, you’ll have an additional black strap, if your watch strap is black, you’ll have the additional brown strap). We do hope you will appreciate this special gift

Alessandro has now come back from Switzerland after very busy days. As you requested, here you have the pics of the Oysters we received. The end link does not fit the case properly as, once installed, it moves.
Furthermore, the clasp is very light and the shape is subjected to deformation.

This bracelet is very far from the high-end finishing of the Nereide GMT case and functionality is not guaranteed. This bracelet was supposed to be offered as the third stretch goal but, for these reasons, we decided to discard it.
Instead of it, you will receive the Made in Italy leather strap.