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Someone is not 100% convinced with the progress of the project. Therefore, after collecting some feedbacks, we defined three options that we can provide to make everyone happy.



Hello everyone,

As you can see our focus on producing a quality watch is maximum and we are sure that you will be fully satisfied with your Nereide GMT on your wrist. 
After the release of the latest update, we have been in contact with a group of dissatisfied backers. After talking with the manager of the group, we made proposals and it was decided to promote a vote to evaluate whether to accept our proposals or not. The majority of the dissatisfied backers group voted in favor of the solutions we proposed.

Therefore, thanks to the support of this group of people, we defined three options that we can offer to make everyone happy:

1) Instead of receiving a Nereide GMT you will receive a brand new Nereide 3.0

2) Instead of receiving a Nereide GMT you will receive a coupon valid for the purchase of one watch up to a value of 1200 € *

3) Together with your Nereide GMT, you will also receive both:

–  a 30% coupon which can be spent on your next order **
– a 100 € coupon with can be used for another order ***

At this link you can enter your name, surname, backer number and option chosen. ****


We really want to thank you for the support you gave us and for your patience.
As stated in the last update, deliveries will start from the 17th of April.

Thank you again for your support and I wish you all a joyful day.




* This coupon is not applicable to other promotions which may be already in progress.

** Coupons cannot be used together for the same order.

*** The discount can be used on any item over 100 € (example: Jubilee bracelet)

**** It will be possible to reply within 72 hours from this moment, in case of no reply the hypothesis number 3 will be considered selected.