Manufacturing Update 2

Since we are always focused on our supply chain, we recently visited our leather straps’ supplier. We really wanted to verify the production’s progress was going well and what we saw really exceeded our expectations!

Main details

  • Pre-production leather manufacturing
  • Pre-production handmade straps manufacturing


We were expected to receive the leather straps by the end of January and this wouldn’t be a problem since we weren’t worried about our supplier’s delivery time. You can imagine our enthusiasm when we saw that some straps are almost ready!

Maybe you don’t know it, but leather straps’ production is a complex process and requires several different treatments. First of all, we had to find the right split of the leather and thickness for the strap: we needed to decide all the features by trying many kinds of strap day by day, in order to give you the best comfort on the wrist.

When we started to work with our suppliers we were sure they would have done a great job, but we couldn’t imagine such a great result in such a short time. As we told you in the previous update, we’ve been very focused on the production orders of components, since they usually require longer delivery time and lots of technical feedbacks.

In November, we started to follow the production of straps in all its details, from the cut of leather to the pattern and edge dyes. We visited our suppliers during the last week and we are so enthusiast for their great work! They managed to fully satisfy our technical requests and choices, they gave us a complete set of definitive straps and assured they will be able to complete the entire Nereide GMT’s order respecting the deadline.
The result is simply amazing! We tried them during the last week and enjoyed their comfort.

We are sure you’ll love these leather straps exactly as we do!
Thanks again for your support!