Manufacturing Update 1

As we already produced many samples before the campaign, production gets now easier. However, showing the steps we’ve taken is important for us, and we want to keep you updated on what we’re going to do in the next future too.

Main details

  • Pre-production case manufacturing
  • Pre-production mesh band manufacturing
  • Pre-production Jubilee bracelet manufacturing


What about the Mesh band? We ordered several samples from lots of suppliers and chose the best we found. The mesh band is so soft and comfortable, you’ll love it for sure! Enjoy the pics!

What about cases? Maybe there’s someone among you who already owns a three-hands Nereide watch… well, the case’s quality is exactly the same. Nereide GMT’s case is only a little thinner than that of Nereide, due to the movement’s thickness. Whoever has a Nereide knows the high quality of our cases.

What about the Jubilee bracelet? Finally, we have a definitive sample for the Jubilee bracelet. As you know, since many of you asked for it, we added this extra in the campaign and we are now very happy to show you the Jubilee as it will be.